AED 540

Enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable eye lift in the privacy of your own home with the MINE EYE GYM KIT.

The KIT has all the essential tools needed to stimulate the eye area to help visibly reduce under-eye wrinkles and dark circles, whilst brightening the skin under the eyes. Using this complete KIT will help to rejuvenate your delicate eye skin, get rid of puffiness/ wrinkles and give you an overall youthful appearance. It also includes a specially formulated cream (made in Dubai) that helps to combat the effects of aging and must be used in conjunction with our Korean LED/EMS stick to ensure a deeper penetration of the cream, which is needed to increase collagen production.

The lightweight STICK features the latest Korean sonic vibration and LED technology, to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. This tool not only rebuilds the skin’s collagen but tightens skin while aiding the skin’s ability to absorb moisturiser and other products. It also eliminates under-eye bags and puffy eyes while reducing the appearance of fine lines. It has a high frequency sonic vibration to revitalise and thermo-therapy to open pores and encourage blood circulation.

Take your routine to the next level by using the device for 1 – 3 minutes every other day.

About the device (STICK):

Ems and light therapy strengths:

  • Blue light therapy: Wavelength is 400-480nm. This mode diminishes inflammation and helps to reduce acne.
  • Red light therapy: Wavelength is 620-760nm. This mode promotes blood circulation and collagen regeneration to increase skin elasticity.
  • The tool operates at a temperature of 40°C±2°C for optimal thermal treatment.
  • The frequency is set at about 12000 vibrations/minute (200 times per second) to stimulate your circulation, promote healing and skin rejuvenation.

* Each KIT comes with a 100% natural face/ neck soap that is made with organic virgin olive oil and enriched with precious vegetable oils such as avocado oil and coconut oil.


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